Karate-do is a martial art whereby it shapes your character to be a proper person. The aim of karate-do is to unite ‘shin’ (mind), ‘gi’ (techniques), and ‘tai’ (body, physical conditioning) and to grow oneself through training. In other words, it is not only based on power and techniques but also on continuing practice and the respect for other people “Men, women, the young and the elderly.”

Japan Karate Shotorenmei Philippines aims to provide trainings in a manner most consistent with the skill levels of trainees and their purposes. By promoting ‘Lifetime Karate’ training, we hope that karate-do would appeal to persons of all ages and would eventually be beneficial to our society

Gichin Funakoshfunakoshii, founder of Shotokan and modern day karate.








asaiTetsuhiko Asai Shihan (10th Dan) was widely regarded as one of the greatest master of traditional Japanese karate-do. He has truly become legend. Since the 1940’s Asai Shihan dedicated himself, body and soul, to the art of karate. Asai Shihan’s movements often seemed superhuman and his knowledge was unsurpassed as the ultimate karate technician.
Asai Shihan held the position of Technical Director of the Japan Karate Association. After Nakayama Shihan passed away in 1987, he became the Chief Instructor of the JKA. With the split of the JKA three years later, two factions were formed and was followed by 10 years of litigation for the rights to use the JKA name. Asai Shihan’s side lost in 1999, however, under the guidance of this world class master, the JKS was formed in 2000.
Nakayama Shihan in Best Karate Volume 3 stated “He probably has no equals’’. Asai Shihan’s amazing career included graduating from the brutal Japan Karate Association instructors course in the golden era of the JKA, pioneering karate in Taiwan, winning the title of All-Japan National Grand Champion in 1961 (1st place in both kata and kumite) and countless other lifetime achievements.
Asai Shihan’s personality reflected great hardship and the deep humility expected in a true master of the martial arts. Asai Shihan was seen as a karate hero in Japan and all over the world. He mastered over 120 kata and was technically unparalleled. Sadly, Asai Shihan passed away in August 2006. The JKS was then passed on to the capable hands of Masao Kagawa Sensei.