JKS Philippines

There is only one chief instructor within the JKS and that is Kagawa Sensei. Therefore, affiliated countries have technical directors to maintain standards and guide students. JKS (Philippines) is run by a committee among which are International Representative, Vito Logan and Liason Officer, Roland Koschinger.These permanent members are supported and advised by the rest of the committee.

The aims of JKS (Philippines) are:

  • To teach traditional Shotokan Karate as taught at the JKS Honbu Dojo, Japan.
  • To promote the way of the martial arts or “budo”, which refers to those martial disciplines where the ultimate goal is spiritual, ethical and moral self-improvement.
  • To provide a training environment where students and instructors achieve their goals within karate.
  •  To allow the members of the organization access to the best instructional methods and opportunities to join competition.
  • To maintain a strong and constant relationship between JKS Philippines and the mother organization JKS in Japan.
  • To provide a fair, legitimate and democratically run organisation.
  • To have all dan grades registered with Japan.

The JKS(Philippines) feels that only by being open and transparent, while simultaneously actively promoting talented students and instructors, can it develop and grow into a major force within the karate world. Members have a unique opportunity to enter Teikyo University and train at one of the best karate university clubs in the world. Under the daily guidance of Kagawa sensei, we at JKS Philippines feel that the only way forward is to help and encourage our students to enter the course, and thereby promote and improve Philippine karate.


Chief Technical Director of the Japan Karate Shotorenmei, Masao Kagawa Sensei is considered to be one of the best technicians ever to have graduated from the famous JKA instructors‘ course. Having competed successfully both nationally and internationally, winning everything there was to be won; Kagawa sensei now concentrates his efforts on the JKS and the JKF national teams. Considered to be one of the best instructors in Japan at the present time, he is head coach for the JKF national squad and chief instructors of the JKS Honbu Dojo and JKS Instructor’s Course. With support from the elite members of JKS Honbu Dojo instructors and having studied Asai Sensei’s karate for many years, Kagawa sensei is well prepared to take the JKS to its next level of development.