JKS Philippines

True karate is this; that in daily life one’s mind and body be trained and developed in a spirit of humility, and that in critical times, one be devoted utterly to the cause of justice.┬áThe ultimate aim of the art of Karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the characters of its participants…..to subdue the enemy without fighting is the highest skill, know your enemy and know yourself, in a hundred battles you will not be defeated.

Japan Karate Shotokan Federation Philippines Inc. welcomes interested individuals to learn the art of “Empty Hand”. An art which focus on the harmony of body and mind, and promotes a sense of balance into one’s life. Karate in our family has been inculcated from generation to generation that played a greater role to responsibility mould the character of every student; teach higher level of mental and physical alertness and self descipline while learning effective self-defence technique, and boosting self-confidence.

We instill in the hearts and minds of every stident the traditional values of sincerity, honesty, respect, faithfullness, self-control, perserverance, positive attitude, and the sense of responsibility. This is a great way to strengthen your body and mind to help you reach full potential; learn to handle life’s challenges and make it to opportunity. It’s an experience learning to know the real meaning of Karate-Do. The way of life.┬áMake a difference. Join the family.

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